...preserving and promoting our foods andculture


Our mission is to lunch African Farmers and Cultural Organization as National Chapter in all African Countries and non-African counties like, United State of America for African American, in Europe for African Europeans, In Canada for African Canadians, and in Australia for African Australians, In Asian for African Asians and in South America for our brothers and sisters etc, 

We are working exclusively to challenge Africans at home and in Diaspora to eat what we produce and produce what we eat.

AFCO is targeting to alleviate poverty in the life of many African farmers through housing support program; we aim at raising $1,000,000,000:00 usd (One Billion USD ) for Agricultural/housing support program for African  Farmers before the year 2025.

Background information

African Farmers and Cultural Organization (AFCO) is a Non-Governmental organization/NON-profit Organization Endorsed by International Organization of Folk Art/UNESCO, in keeping UNESCO convention of self-guiding tangible and intangible cultural heritages, as well as showcasing the diverse crops of economic importance to our International Trade, covering 179 countries of the world, 8 highlands, and 3600 UNESCO Youth Clubs worldwide, we are also a member of International Dancing council (CID) France and World Association of NGO (WANGO) we are collaborating  with African Traditional Rulers and chieftaincy title holders to promote Africa and her produces..ReadMore